Professional life coaches

Discover who you really are and let it shine. Follow your authenticity. Be unique.

Professional life coaches

Discover who you really are and let it shine. Follow your authenticity. Be unique.


Life coaching - Your first brave step on your new journey

Do you miss the motivation to move things that have been stagnating for a while?
Do you miss the courage?
Coaching is a wonderful tool on the path to transformation and desired goals.

We still remember our very first meeting with a coach. This experience ignited a spark in both of us. It planted a seed of desire for a shift. Suddenly we were able to see new point of views – including the one about big shifts in life. We started to see that it actually doesn’t have to hurt – and even opposite, that seemingly challenging changes can bring way more exciting things that we can imagine. As your coaches, we will help you to uncover the limitations that block you from the real steps towards your progress. We will help you to sort your thoughts and priorities. We will guide you through the obstacles and help you to (re)start – your awareness, your will and your personal power.

Biuniq - Your decision to always go for the best

Who would you become, if you would be the best version of yourself? And would that person still be YOU? Would you finally own all the qualities you wished for your entire life and never got them, or you would you rather fully use your actual potential? Imagine for a moment that you stop focusing on what you lack and, on the contrary, you give your full attention to what you already have – to all your skills, to all what you already master, or to what you “just” enjoy. Together we will find solutions that will be truly yours. Solutions, where you will be happy to see the results of their implementation.

You wont change, but your situation will.

Our coaching is not only unique in it’s approach, but also in it’s form – there will be both of us to guide you. Two different personalities, two approaches towards life and therefore a double dose of aha-moments.


Biuniq’s mission is to help you reveal your gifts, your authenticity and overcome the blocks that prevent you from using your full potential.

Your Coaches


a confidence growth master

A refined sense of detail has accompanied my sixteen-year career in finance, IT, project management and also in my mission for the perfect cappuccino. I’m going to approach your story with the same precision. I will help you to strengthen your self-confidence, to find your true value and to stand in your inner empowerment. I will guide you on the path to financial prosperity and support your motivation to live (not only visually) a more beautiful life.


an inner peace expert

Higher perspective and organization are the qualities that help me to manage difficult situations and turn life’s challenges into growth and success – at work, within family and even when parking an impassable car in the middle of a three-lane highway. I will teach you the same. We will look at how to manage stress and I will help you to organize your diary, home and thoughts. We will use the topic of high perspective attitude when working on improving communication in relationships and overcoming your fears.

Story of the two mirrors

Classmates, colleagues, neighbors, business partners, best friends. Blonde and brunette. Calmness and temperament. Opposites that magnetically attract each other – but of course only if they know how to approach each other correctly. We have known each other for 25 years and only recently we have learned to fully appreciate each other’s gifts and qualities. We stopped comparing each other and on contrary, we started complementing each other. Since then, our friendship has taken on a whole new dimension and is driving us forward. We already know that with attention in the right place, we can do anything. And together – even faster.

Almost perfect illusion

But long before that, we lived lives that were ideal for the first sight, but not ours. Study, career, relationships – everything progressed smoothly according to social conventions and the expectations of our loved ones. But the more our friendship deepened, the more we were able to open up to each other and admit that the perfect lines and contours of our adult personalities don’t actually make us happy. All of a sudden, our joint vacations, coffees, and culture trips began to turn into regular getaways. Escapes from the reality we didn’t want to confront, escapes from problems and the decisions that could possibly solve them – escapes for mutual understanding.

From certainty to coffee machine

It took a long time until we mobilized enough of power to take our lives into our own hands and accept full responsibility for them. It was difficult to give up all the built-up certainties and imagine starting from scratch. But with increasing awareness, things naturally started to move. And so, at an age when most women follow the ticking of their biological clock, we embarked on a journey into the unknown. Divorce and breakup of a long-term relationship, dismissal from a lucrative job and fulfilled dream of opening a cafe. All this happened within less than three years.


Inner work, listening to our own needs and conscious use of our gifts – three pillars that led us to a completely new crossroads in life – a crossroads that bring new and often unexpected possibilities and most importantly – lead to dreams.

Your Choice of Our Cooperation

Do you feel that coaching is what you are looking for? Do you go for it with us? We offer various forms of cooperation – choose the one that best suits the goals you came for.


Are you standing at a crossroad in life and need to make a decision? Bi-quick is a monthly transformation plan focused on practical solutions. Ideal if you have known the goal you want to work on for some time, but you are unable to finally step on the path that leads to it.

Price: 9900,-


Do you feel it’s time for a change, but you don’t know how and where to start? Do you feel like you don’t want to go through the process alone? Intensive six-month coaching, during which we will look at all important life areas, such as self-worth, health, relationships, work, finances and your overall approach to decision-making. If you are ready to really work on yourself and open your life to change and new opportunities, if you are ready to grow, the Complex variant is exactly for you.

Bonus: Written Human Design personality analysis focused on gifts and talents; drawing up an action plan; online support

Price: 49000,-


Do you need a one-time consultation before an important event or do you need a coaching plan tailored to your needs? Are  you a  „novice“ in a coaching world and would like to first try out what you’re getting into? If you want to meet without a predefined number of sessions or their frequency, contact us – we will figure it out together.

Price: 3500,- / hour

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